First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
GEN-GROUPS...A Small Group Discipleship Opportunity for Adults

Interested in beginning a new group?
Interested in joining an existing group?
Contact Pam McDaniel, Minister of Young & Median Adults, 256-428-9418.

FBC Huntsville is blessed with a multi-generational family.  Within our church, we have so much to give and to learn from each other.  Based on this idea, 2345 Ministry is launching a new opportunity called "Gen-Groups" (Generation Groups).  A Gen-Group is a group of 6-8 adults of mixed ages who have agreed to meet together on a regular basis for the purpose of discipleship - to help one another grow in Christ-likeness by sharing support, wisdom, and life experience with each other.

We have so much to learn from each other.
Gen-Groups…Learning from each other through inter-generational relationships

1.  Two people of different ages pair together to start a group.  The group leaders attend a training session.  These leaders then invite 4-6 other people of varying ages to be in the group with them. 

2.  Strive for an equal mix of generations within the group.  The intent of these groups is to continue to build relationships between the different demographic groups of FBC. Total group size should be about 8 people.

3. Groups may be formed using various demographics:  women, men, co-ed, couples....

4.  The groups make their own decision about where, when, and how often to meet.  The groups might choose to share in Bible study together or they might choose to simply gather for "how's it going" conversation.  The purpose of the group is discipleship.  Through conversation and life-sharing, the group offers to one another encouragement and support for daily Christian living.

5.  2345 Ministry provides ongoing support for the group leaders.

How long?
Groups begin forming in July and meet through May.  At the end of the year, members are encouraged to re-group in new ways. 
Responsibility of Group Facilitators:
1.  Partner with someone of a different generation to co-facilitate.
2.  Attend facilitator training sessions.  These sessions are generally held in June, September, and January.
3.  Invite 4-6 other people of different generations to be in your group.
4.  Lead your group to decide when, where, how often you want to meet.
5.  Lead your group to decide on your conversation content – Bible study, life conversation…
6.  Train your group on small group guidelines.  Each group will be encouraged to create their own goals and guidelines for their time together.  The process of doing this will provide the opportunity for members to gain a better understanding of each other and create an environment of trust. The hope is that this will allow people the opportunity to truly share their personal faith stories, including the ups and downs of Christian living in a supportive environment, free from judgment.
7.  Keep attendance and turn it in to the 2345 Ministry office following each meeting of your group., 256-428-9418 (Bailey and Susan, 2345 Ministry Assistants)

Responsibility of 2345 Ministry Office:
1.  Support the facilitators.
2.  Record attendance as turned in by facilitators.
3.  Schedule facilitator meetings.
4.  Promote Gen-Group Ministry.
5.  Facilitate evaluation of Gen-Group Ministry.

GEN-GROUPS:  Another way we can Know, Love, and Serve Christ...Together
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