First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Friday, February 24, 2017

Writing with Wisdom Essay Contest

Use a verse, verses, or chapter(s) in the Book of Proverbs to write an essay on the following topic:
*** How does the Book of Proverbs compare industry versus indolence? Proverbs 20:13 is one of the many references to this subject.
  1. Essays may be submitted by email in the form of a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Deadline for essays is April 25, 2016. 
  3. Two copies of the essays must be submitted. One copy should have the student's name on each page, the other copy should not have the student's name on it anywhere. The readers who judge the essays will not know who wrote them until after the winning essay is chosen.
  4. Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and pages must be numbered.
  5. Essays may not contain footnotes, a bibliography, pictures, drawings or illustrations of any type.
  6. Essays must be 500 words in length.
  7. Essays must have a title and must be the original work of the student.
  8. Winner of the essay will be announced on Saturday, May 16, and will receive a prize of $500.00. Second and third prizes of $300.00 and $200.00 may also be awarded depending on the number of essays submitted.
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