First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Saturday, February 25, 2017

Response to Allegations of Abuse

All allegations of child abuse will be taken seriously.  The care and safety of the victim will be the first priority.  All such matters will be handled forthrightly with due respect for rights of privacy and confidentiality, for both the victim and any accused.  Full cooperation will be given to law enforcement authorities.

The parents of any alleged victim of child abuse will be promptly notified by either the Pastor or other ministerial staff.  They will be informed of the steps that are being taken, and will continue to be advised of the status of the church’s actions.  The safety and privacy of the victim will be a paramount concern.  The church will demonstrate care and concern for the victim and his/her family.  Privacy and confidentiality will be preserved to the extent possible.

When an incident of child abuse arises, the Pastor, in consultation with other ministerial staff, legal counsel and the Chairman of the Trustees, will designate a spokesperson for the church.  This person will have all contact with the media and the congregation, and will handle all such communication in a discrete, informed and Christlike manner.