First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, February 19, 2017

Faith Community Nurse Functions


Integrator or Faith and Health
In all activities and contacts, the parish nurse seeks to promote the understanding of the relationship between faith and health.

Health Educator
Promotes an atmosphere where individuals of all ages, through a variety of educational activities, explores the relationship between Values, attitudes, lifestyle, faith and health.

Personal Health Counselor
Discusses health issues and problems with individuals; makes home, hospital, and nursing home visits as needed.

Referral Agent and Liaison with Congregational and Community Resources
Referrals are provided to other congregational resources as well as those found in the community at large.

Facilitator of Volunteers
Recruits, coordinates and resources volunteers within the congregation to serve in various health ministries.

Developer of Support Groups
Facilitates the development of support groups for members of the faith community and people from the external community.

Health Advocate
The Faith Community Nurse works with the client, faith community and primary health resources to provide what is in the best interest of the client from a whole person perspective listening and supporting the client to do what they can do and being their voice when they seem to have none.









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