First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Good News Notes: Introduction
15 Steps to being God's Witness

This was a Sunday Morning series of notes that was read by Sunday School directors in all of the adult and student departments. The notes are to be read over a 15 week period. They may be displayed weekly in a prominent place each day as you study the material.

Each note has five parts: 1. The main message of the note 2. A scripture to read and encouragement to memorize 3. An action to take that week; small doable steps to lead someone to begin thinking of being a witness 4. A prayer that seeks God's guidance and leadership in being a witness 5. A preview of what will be on the next week's card.

We believe the notes will stimulate interest in witnessing and motivate members to want to reach our community. To originally take advantage of this we offered two events. The first was a "First Serve" (Servant Evangelism) event in a 10-12 block radius of the church the weekend the card series ended in December of 2004. We went door to door and passed out as a gift from the church either batteries for smoke alarms or light bulbs and extended an invitation to the Living Christmas Tree. The second event was a "Contagious Christian" class for Early Adults as an opt-out class. The "Contagious Christian" course will be offered to Experienced Adults and another "First Serve" event will be offered to the community.

It is our hope that you become a "Contagious Christian." These notes are designed to help you do just that.



Are People Lost or Missing?


Hindrances to the Gospel Part I - Assurance


Hindrances to the Gospel Part II - Fear and Apathy


Hindrances to the Gospel Part III - Lack of Knowledge


The Gospel - Part I


The Gospel - Part II


The Importance of a Testimony


Building a Relationship with a "Missing Person" - Part I


Building a Relationship with a "Missing Person" - Part II


Your S.H.A.P.E. - spiritual gift - heart - ability - personality - experience


Ideas for sharing with others


Prayer and the witness


The Holy Spirit and the "Challenge"