First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, March 29, 2015

Experienced Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study

Bible Based - Person Centered - Life Focused
Based on the Life Stage of an Adult 55Plus not their Age
Within this broad division of adults there are groups which are based on the four different Life Stages of Experienced Adults. Within each Life Stage, adults gather to study and apply God's Word weekly.
Life Stage:
Almost Retired
Life Stage: 
Just Retired
Life Stage:
Been Retired


Life Stage: Almost Retired
Adults in this life stage are adults who have not retired or are in their second and even third career. Adults involved in these departments are still Building "in the prime of their lives." Some are approaching the peak of their career life. Most have been married for a number of years. If they have children, most of their children have become "launching adults." Spouses are adjusting to the "empty nest" and re-establishing their identity as a couple. In addition to adjusting to the empty nest many of these adults are enjoying being grandparents for the first time and are planning for retirement.   
Builders "A"
Director:  George Barnes
Meeting in Room 342
Builders "B"
Director:  Ray Swaim
Meeting in Room 343
Teacher:  Tom Houser
Meeting in Room 254
Single Purpose Teacher:  Betty Barnett Meeting in Room 141
Bible Fellowship
Teacher:  Dick Holloway
Meeting in Room 117
Transitions Class
Teachers:  Major Treadway and Nelson Parker
Meeting in Room 118 A
International Class
Teacher:  Sue Godwin
Meeting in Room 241 E


Life Stage: Just Retired
Adults in this life stage are adults who have or are just recently retired. The members of this department are semi-retired or retired. They now have more free time to travel, to visit family, and to work on favorite hobbies or ministry projects. They are Exploring what is next for them in life. Some are widows and widowers. They are beginning to adjust to some physical limitations.  
Explorers "A":
Director:  Marian Talley 
Meeting in Room 140
Renaissance Class:
Teachers:  Alan Jones, Dennis O'Dell, 
Meeting in Room 141
Langley Class:
Teachers:  Bill Malcolm & Jo Ford    
Meeting in the Church Parlor
Explore the Bible:
Directors:  Tim & Martha Odom
Meeting in Room 253


Life Stage: Been Retired
Adults in this stage of life are adults who range in age from 65-up. These adults have been retired for several years and are comfortable with their life stage. Mostly retired, widowed and yet very active. This group serves as one of our greatest source of volunteers within the church and community. They are our oldest and wisest members. The pillars of our church and Sunday School. 
Pat Perry
Meeting in Room 242
Director: Kennie Worlund
This group falls into one or two categories: Short term, those temporarily not able to come to church, and those who are full-time homebound, under the care of a family member or facility. This ministry also includes ministering to the caregiver of those Homebound. For this group, First Baptist provides the Airborne Sunday Morning Bible Study Class. This class meets via a telephone conference call.