First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
2013-14 Student Ministries Calendar
August 18
7-Up Sunday - Welcome Class of 2019!
Student Choir begins - 5pm
FUN Night
August 21
Celebrate What's Great at FBC - Church-wide Fall Ministry Kickoff Event
August 25
Student Ministry Open House Parent Information Meeting
FUN Night - Ultimate Frisbee in Big Spring Park
August 28 Liftoff Student Worship Blasts Off
September 13 Student Hangout in Student Center
September 15 Student Choir Sings in First Fellowship (meet in Life Center @ 7:45)
September 20-22       
Fall Retreat (grades 7-12)
          Camp ToKnowHim, cost: $95
September 29 FUN Night - Scavenger Hunt in and around Huntsvegas
October 6 Student Choir sings in 10:30 Sanctuary Worship (meet in Sanctuary @ 10:00)
October 11 Student Hangout in Student Center
October 27 FUN Night - Tailgate, Hayride, and Bonfire at Michaela Dubose-Schmitt's home
November 8
Student Hangout in Student Center
High School Lock-in
November 24 Student Choir sings in First Fellowship (meet in Life Center @ 7:45)
December 11 Christmas Party in Student Center
December 15
Dinner & Comedy Theater for Worldwide Missions 
          Student-led Ministry event for the entire church featuring Travis Crim
December 25
Christmas Day 
January 1-5
Winter Ski Retreat
          We are ringing in the new year with some snow.  Let's go skiing in
          West Virginia. Costs will depend on amount of skiing or snowboarding desired.
          Base cost: $325-400
January 10 Student Hangout in Student Center
January 26 FUN Night - Ball and Movie in Student Center
February 2 Souper Bowl of Caring
February 23 FUN Night - Progressive Dinner: Appetizers at the Ceci's; Dinner at the Broadway's, and Dessert at the Hull's
March 14 Student Hangout in Student Center
March 22-26
          Grades 7-12: Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. Cost: $205
April 5 Serving the City
April 11 Praise Band Jam Night
April 20 Easter Sunday
May 4 FUN Night - Duck Dynasty comes to Huntsville.  Fishing and Fish Fry at the Holloway's home.
May 17-18 Graduate Recognition Weekend
May 31 Summer Mission Trip Departure
June 1-7
          Mission trip for all students, grades 7-12 with a particular emphasis for
          Student Music Ministries (Student Choir and Student Praise Band).  
          We will work through Mission Arlington and other ministries in DFW.
June 16-20 Vacation Bible School (ministry opportunity for students)
July 8-12 Music Camp (ministry opportunity for students)