First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, March 01, 2015

Pastor Search Committee

An important part of the Pastor Search Committee's work is discerning where we see God leading FBC over the next decade.  To accomplish this task, we joined forces with our Vision Team and engaged the congregation in dialog. 


Thank you for participating in the three "Congregational Conversations" as we discussed the past, present and future of FBC.  Each evening's discussions helped our committee with a different aspect of our upcoming tasks.  The first conversation on November 9th helped us describe several "characteristics" of our church: caring, accepting, diverse, strong programs, opportunities to serve, and "healthy" church.  These characteristics represent the core values of FBC and are formed through our history and heritage.  The descriptions of these core values have been further developed and were shared during the December 7 conversation.  The second conversation on November 23rd provided opportunity for feedback on the many current ministries of FBC Huntsville.  The committees have transcribed your comments from over 500 feedback forms.  These comments have been sorted by ministry area and will serve several functions.  They have been provided to the staff for possible near-term implementation.  They will also be used by the Vision/Search teams as work continues on the Strategic Vision Plan, the Congregational Profile and the Pastor Profile.  Our final conversation on December 7th provided an opportunity to explore God-sized dreams for the future of FBC Huntsville.  Around the tables, using our core values as a launching point, we created "provocative proposals", stating a future goal as if it were already reality.  The large "post-it" pads used to capture our thoughts are in the hands of the Vision Team, and your work around the tables will provide a great starting point as proposals are written for inclusion in our Strategic Vision Plan.  Those notes have also been transcribed for use by the Search Committee. 


Where do we go from here?  The committees met jointly for the final time on January 8, 2015 and then separated to begin our individual tasks.  The Vision Team will take all the data and feedback you have provided, and begin prayerful discussions, concentrating on the Strategic Vision Plan.  The plan will be developed to "the 60% level", providing 5-8 goals.  There will be enough detail for some near-term implementation during the interim period, but enough room left for our next Pastor to help shape the plan.  The Pastor Search Committee is now concentrating on the Congregational and Pastor profiles.  The data and feedback you provided, along with information from other sources, will be used to create the Congregational Profile, a detailed description of our church. The Search Committee will also create a customized survey to gather additional congregational feedback needed to complete the Pastor profile.  You can expect that survey sometime in late-January or early February.


How can you help?  Several of you are part of prayer groups that are making commitments to pray during this journey.  Others will offer individual prayers.  Your role as a prayer partner is critical, so please be faithful.  We have set up a confidential email address (  You may use this email address to provide any information you wish to send us including names of prospective candidates. 


 Thank you again for participating in the dialog, and for your prayer support during this entire process.  These are exciting days as we look with great anticipation towards the future.  God has richly blessed FBC during its 205 years of ministry.  May His blessings continue as we seek our 41st pastor. 

Mike Kirk
Chairman, Pastor Search Committee
PSC Members: Larry Moore: Vice-chairman, Amanda Ponder: Recording secretary, Diane Singer: Prayer coordinator, Elaine Dickson, Gaines Gravlee, Zach Hamm, Pat Lewallen, and Jerry Miller.