First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Monday, February 27, 2017

Worship Care

Sundays, 8:15 & 10:15 AM

Worship Care is the provision of loving care for our Infant through Three-year-old classes during the morning worship services. Volunteer teachers are asked to serve once a quarter, though some choose to serve more often.

Our primary purpose in the room is to provide tender, loving care for the children who come but when we DO provide worship care for infants and toddlers it can be more than healthy, clean child care. We have also provided a way for care providers and children to participate in worship through live streaming of our worship services. People who study how very young children learn and grow are increasingly finding that the youngest infants absorb everything around them. So, what if we knit into our Worship Care an introduction to worship?

Most sports loving parents will admit (a little sheepishly) to explaining the finer points of man on man defense to infants sitting in their laps watching a game on TV. They know the baby is not getting the details, but they can’t stop themselves from sharing with their child something they love. We also know how quickly the love and knowledge of a sport shared that way takes root in a child. We can do the same thing with worship. With the sounds and sights of worship around us we can talk about what is going on, sing and pray along with what is shown in our worship service and simply share a bit of worship with the child in our lap or at our feet on the floor. In the process the child begins to experience worship and the adult reaffirms his or her own commitment to worship.

Policies for Worship Care