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Friday, March 24, 2017


Welcome to the missions section of the First Baptist Church web site.

We discover very soon in striving to be like Christ that we are to become a missional people of God. This simply means that our world view and how we live our lives is to be modeled after Christ. It is not part of our lives like being at work or going to school but it is our life. Our world view in Christ influences everything we do and say.

Missions at First Baptist Church is designed around the idea that everyone of us is a missionary. We all have a mission and a mission field for our life that is designed by God. Part of our life work is to fulfill that mission and be used by God where he leads us.

You will discover that your missionary work is focused where you work, live, go to school, or play. Some receive a call to live in other nations to carry out their mission work. Most receive a call to work in a secular business or go to a public school to be a Christ ambassador to all those you come in contact. Along with our daily call God will at different times in our lives call us to service. Some accept a call from God to go on short term mission trips in the US or to other nations. Others will accept a call to work in local or state side missions. Some will have a call to be involved in service to others each day.

The bottom line is First Baptist offers to you many avenues and ways to serve God as a missionary of Christ. Our outline of service falls into eight different areas.

1.    Service to our community – Serving the City as ONE
2.    WMU, missions education, and service
3.    Local Missions
4.    State Side Missions
5.    Global Missions
6.    The Foundation
7.    Other First Baptist Mission Relationships
8.    FAQ and why we do missions

As you discover your missionary journey you will see that it changes in shape as we are led of God. Our mission is always the same – sharing the good news of Christ with all who we come in contact with and to serve others to demonstrate God’s love. Our mission is always the same but the way we serve may change at different points in our lives.

Part of the role of the church is to assist and equip you in your missionary role. Please contact Mike Pearce if you or your group need some brain storming assistance of how and where to serve in missions. God bless you in your journey of serving.
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